Corporate Moving & Office Relocation Tips by 310 Move

Filing Cabinets:

Unless the move involves a stair carry, conventional or 2 drawer filing cabinets can be moved with the contents inside, but with all breakables removed. We do suggest and recommend that all contents from the filing cabinet be removed to ensure a faster and efficient move with no damages to the filing cabinet. Note: When the filing cabinets have added weight and with the transition from one location to the next it may cause internal shifting of the rails within the cabinet.

Contents of 4 drawer, lateral, or wall filing cabinets must be removed and properly packed.

Computers and specialized equipment:

Consult with your I.T. dept or computer specialists – in most cases this equipment is typically handled by them or they will prep the equipment for the move; i.e. they will unplug and ensure that the computer system is free of any attached wires and will also do the setup once at the new office location. If you require that service to be coordinated by 310MOVE, please advise your designated Corporate Move Specialist.


Prepare a floor plan of your new premises and utilize a labelling system. The floor plan of your new office will allow your Corporate Move Specialist to put together an efficient game plan with labeling assistance. Colour-coded labels will make the move go smoothly and efficiently.

Labeling tips:

  • Label chairs at the top on the back or on the arm rest of the chair. Chair cushions should also be labelled.
  • Filing cabinets should be labelled on the front of the top drawer. All sections of the sectional filing cabinets should be labelled.
  • Each section of bookcases should be labelled on the upper front surface.
  • Mark all components of furniture which may become separated during the move process.
  • Filing cabinets in rows should be labelled consecutively to avoid re-handling, your Corporate Move Specialist can you show you how to numerically label the filing cabinets.


A complete packing job is essential for an efficient move. Our experienced professional packers are available on a time plus materials rate.

Cartons, tape and bubble wrap are available for purchase, and we will arrange delivery for you.

Stationery and supplies stored in cabinets must be packed.

The bottom of each moving box must be properly taped.

Fill moving boxes and or moving bins to the top. Secure the moving boxes with tape and for the moving bins secure with bin ties as they come equipped with lids, also ensure that either moving boxes or moving bins are labelled. Do not over-fill the moving boxes or moving bins as they will be stacked during transit.

Pictures and mirrors must be taken down and leaned against the walls. Special cartons will be brought on moving day to transport them safely, consult with your designated Corporate Move Specialists for further details and pricing.

General Suggestions:

Make arrangements with property management for uninterrupted elevator service at both your current and new location. Our Corporate Move Specialist will advise you on elevator requirements.

Designate one or two employees to maintain proper liaison with our move supervisor.

Employee cars and company vehicles must be removed from loading and unloading zones.


In order for a safe and efficient move we suggest that you:

empty drawers and place the contents in a box or moving bins,wrap breakables in paper before packing in boxes or moving bins, gather small items such as pins, paper clips in an envelope, and bundle papers, pens, and other loose items together with a rubber band.


All books, papers and breakables should be removed and packed in boxes or bins prior to moving day.